Book - The donkeys of Mijas
Book - The donkeys of Mijas

Book - The donkeys of Mijas


The donkey of Mijas' tells the story of Graham, an English donkey who comes to work in Mijas with the rest of the town's donkey-taxi. He's nervous about the journey he has to take and because he doesn't know anyone in the area. Gradually, Graham joins the mijeña life until he feels one more, even falling in love with a Spanish bourgeois girl named Sofia.

The book is written in English, with beautiful illustrations. He tries to convey the values of empathy, that animals are sentient beings and talks about integration to people from different cultures by encouraging social inclusion and putting themselves in the role of the other. 

The full proceeds from the sale of this book go to battered, abandoned donkeys and our mission to improve the life and conditions of animals used in tourism. 

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