About us

The Refugio del Burrito is the first wholly european of The Donkey Sanctuary, a uk-based organization non-profit, working for 45 years for the protection of the donkey in the world. The Donkey Sanctuary also has offices in Italy and Cyprus, as well as operational bases in other european countries such as Romania, Greece, France and Portugal.

During 2016, The Refugio del Burrito has hosted or helped in some way to more than 1,200 donkeys and mules all over Spain, and cares directly to more than 350.

We investigate cases of neglect, abuse, maltreatment, or neglect, or any public report that comes to us concerning donkeys and mules.

The Refugio del Burrito is actively involved in causes that encourage the application and improvement of existing laws in regard to animal welfare and to the promotion of awareness campaigns and protest.

Our mission

Protecting donkeys, promoting their well-being in Spain and that their contribution to humanity is fully valued.

The goal of the Refugio del Burrito is to provide care, protection and permanent security, in any place of Spain, donkeys and mules in need due to abuse, omission of basic care and abandonment, as well as the prevention of the cruelty and the suffering of donkeys and mules.

To carry out these objectives, the charter details the following key points of action for the Association:

  • Provide Specialized Care: to give to each inhabitant of the shelter care, specialized and individualized, by putting at their disposal highly motivated staff and competent as well as facilities best adapted to the needs of our donkeys.
  • Promoting Animal Welfare: establishing a network of officials of well-being throughout the country to investigate complaints from the general public about the ill-treatment of donkeys and to develop the program of custody in foster homes.
  • Training, Education and Awareness-raising: to promote animal welfare through activities for school children, courses, conferences, publications or other appropriate means.
  • To promote the Interaction of the human - equine, with the aim of making the donkey, sow empathy and to improve the quality of life of people and animals.

We have the following facilities:

  • Our headquarters and refuge in Fuente de Piedra with the capacity to take care of 90 donkeys and open to the public .
  • Our second shelter in Bodonal de la Sierra capable of housing up to 250 donkeys.

The Refugio del Burrito is a subsidiary of The Donkey Sanctuary in England.

el refugio del burrito