Become a protector

Do you want a donkey but you do not have the time and space? What about being his protector, visit him and spent time with him always that you want, cover his/her main living cost while he/she lives happy and free in our Sanctuary with more friends?

You can become a protector starting from €540 /year (or establishing a monthly fee of 45€). If you choose this option you can select one of our close to 300 donkeys and mules and become his/her exclusive adopter, thus funding his food and welfare needs with your contribution.

Protectors receive a special welcome pack, free entry at our Sanctuary and interaction sessions with his/her adopted donkey and the opportunity to spend a day with their protected donkey or mule, participating in his/her care and feeding.

Furthermore, under the new tax regime (if you are a tax payer in Spain), you can deduct 75% from the first 150€ and 30% of any amount beyond 150€.

If you are interested in becoming a protector click this link.

You can also kindly write us to or call us at 0034 952 73 50 77.

We are keen to build a stronger community of donkey enthusiasts by providing generous supporters with insights into the work of the organisation.